Our Goal

At Growth Effekt, we help businesses achieve their revenue goals predictably through tailored strategies and innovative technology. We optimize the top of your sales funnel, so your team can focus on what they do the best - closing deals with interested prospects. Our approach is highly personalized, ensuring that every outreach effort aligns perfectly with your business structure and revenue goals.

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Our Management Team

David Götte


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David Comploj

Head of Customer Success

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Fietje Buscha


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Valeria Schmidt

Head of Sales & Brand Development

Leon Winkel


Our Company Values

1. Never stop Learning

Communicate openly with empathy. Our mission is to inspire, motivate and support people to be their best selves. Everyone is learning from everyone else, so we can become a better version of ourselves every day. We take personal responsibility for the results of what we do. We focus on personal development as the key to our client’s success.

2. Positive Impact on our Planet & Society

Our vision is to drive a positive impact on the world & society by leveraging our technology and empowering people. Every team member is driven by the right motivations and strong will to make the world a bit better each day whilst having fun along the way.

3. Personality & Character Traits over Fancy Degrees

We believe in focusing on one’s growth potential, their potential upward trajectory, instead of their seniority, expertise, or past companies. We hire people that are hungry for growth. Growth Effekt is a place where you can build your skills, develop your full potential, and make a difference.

How To Find Us

Growth Effekt Sp. z o. o.

Słodowa Island 7, Third Floor 50-266

Wroclaw, Poland

Contact Person:

David Götte
Managing Partner & CEO

Let's Work Together!

Ready to transform your outbound sales channels? Contact us to get an estimate of our impact on your business KPIs - backed by data from our customer's performance, and let's explore how Growth Effekt can be the catalyst for your success.