About Us

Growth Effect is an experienced, data-driven growth strategy team aligned with your goals. Backed by powerful proactive & scalable outbound strategies, we work together to drive your growth.

Our Management Team

David Götte

Managing Partner & CEO

Sales mastermind who has helped multi-million dollar companies build & optimize their scalable sales processes from the ground up and developed market entry strategies for different countries. David’s talents are bringing out the best in each person and his positive attitude toward challenges. Aspiring real estate investor and proud parent of a rescued cat and dog.

Leon Winkel

Managing Partner & CTO

Engineer by degree, Coding Genius by profession. He lives in the matrix and there are no coding tasks he cannot do. Fueled by data and analytics to make a positive impact on global sustainability and maintain a livable environment for life on earth. He is calling the island paradises of the world his home.

Fietje Buscha

Managing Partner & COO

A serial entrepreneur and operations expert with the mindset of overdelivering and going beyond expectations. He brings a wide experience working & living in different cultures and on 4 continents. Former WEF Global Shaper with a passion for sports & gaming.

Our Company Values

Never stop Learning

Communicate openly with empathy. Our mission is to inspire, motivate and support people to be their best selves. Everyone is learning from everyone else, so we can become a better version of ourselves every day. We take personal responsibility for the results of what we do. We focus on personal development as the key to our client’s success.

Positive Impact on our Planet & Society

Our vision is to drive a positive impact on the world & society by leveraging our technology and empowering people. Every team member is driven by the right motivations and strong will to make the world a bit better each day whilst having fun along the way.

Personality & Character Traits over Experience & Degrees

We believe in focusing on one’s growth potential, their potential upward trajectory, instead of their seniority, expertise, or past companies. We hire people that are hungry for growth. Growth Effekt is a place where you can build your skills, develop your full potential, and make a difference.

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