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Your Own Predictable Outbound Sales Machine

No matter which Growth Goals you are trying to achieve, our experienced and data-driven growth strategy team aligns with you to develop the right strategy to build your own predictable outbound sales machine via:

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3 Steps to Make it Happen

1. Find Prospects

Redefined Discovery at Scale!

Get access to 822 million decision-makers and 57 million businesses globally with our all-in-one prospecting solution. After a thorough assessment of your offerings and markets, we identify your ideal customers and pinpoint decision-makers and influencers.


  • Ideal target customer analysis & segmentation
  • Automated database building & data export
  • Efficient lead management system for easy customer info management and verification
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2. Generate Conversations

Propel Your Response Rate to 43%!

Enhance your conversations with top decision-makers. Our messaging expertise ensures personalized and effective communication, supported by a dedicated campaign manager. Boost your team’s productivity by over 20%, giving you more time to engage with clients.


  • Co-Creation of personalized message sequences that convert
  • LinkedIn profile set-up & optimization
  • Proprietary outreach automation
  • Dedicated campaign manager support for increased productivity
  • Consistently fuelling campaigns with fresh prospect data

3. Convert Conversations into Meetings

Redefined Discovery at Scale!

Make informed decisions with real-time insights and continuously improve your campaigns. Our tracking and reporting tools, coupled with best-practice action plans, deliver clear results and market insights. Enjoy engaging conversations with prospects and simplify daily tasks through our cloud-based campaign dashboards, Lead Management System, and innovative Chrome Extension.


  • Campaign conversation flow development
  • 24/7 cloud-based analytics dashboard
  • Comprehensive lead management system + training
  • Regular campaign review meetings
  • Conversion rates optimization through consistent A/B Tests
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Seamless CRM Integration for Effortless Outreach Management

Integrate our outreach engagement software with your existing CRM system to streamline your sales process and maximize efficiency!

How to Start?

To showcase the effectiveness of our processes, workflows, and technologies tailored to your unique business case, we introduce the Growth Effekt
Pilot Outreach Campaign.

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Our Process & Your Results

  • A constant flow of new prospects and qualified target audience, even beyond the duration of the campaign

  • Know your addressable market better than before since a large number of suitable companies and respective decision-makers are now identified

  • Generate immediate interest in your offering

  • Sustainable network and digital awareness built up within your target audience

Customer Success Stories

Discover how companies across different regions and industries have experienced significant growth through our proactive and scalable outbound approaches:

Why We Are Not Just a SaaS Company

Let's Work Together!

Ready to transform your outbound sales channels? Contact us to get an estimate of our impact on your business KPIs - backed by data from our customer's performance, and let's explore how Growth Effekt can be the catalyst for your success.